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Too confused to make the best laptop choice? Worry no more, India Laptops Deal has got you covered with this Laptop buying guide for 2023. In this article, we will provide step by step guide to help you make the right choice. Ready? Strap yourselves in for a smooth ride through every option that suits your pocket and excites your heart.

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Table Of Contents – Laptop Buying Guide

  • Choose Your Operating System
  • Know your CPUs
  • Ram Required
  • Storage Space
  • Graphics Cards
  • Display & Size
  • Battery & Fast Charging
  • Laptop Ports
  • Make Your Choice

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1. Operating System – Laptop Buying Guide


Most devices come with one of these three Operating Systems: macOS, Windows, and Linux. Choosing the right one is a personal preference, but here’s a quick summary of what each offers.

Windows OS –

This is the most common and flexible Operating System and is supported by a wide variety of Laptops. The latest version is window 11. This is the perfect option for Students and Gamers. It’s the best choice if you need Microsoft apps like MS Office, Access, or Outlook.

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Linux OS –

Linux Is an Open Source Operating System and is secure from malicious programs. This Operation System Supports a wide range of programming languages for Coders. Linux is Reliable and supplements Performance.

2. Know your CPUs – Laptop Buying Guide

CPU Intel and AMD Laptop guide India Laptops deal

CPU processor is the brain of your computer, Once you know your software requirements you can figure out the minimum hardware specifications you’ll need.

Processors Type –

Laptops Processors are made by essentially two companies: Intel and AMD.

Intel Processors –

Intel has its Pentium, Celeron, and i3,i5,i7, and i9 Series in increasing order of Processing power.

AtomCeleronPentiumCore i3Core i5intel i7i9
Core1-4 core2-4 core2-4 core2-4 core4-6 core4-8 core6-8 core
UsesBrowsing, Watching MoviesBrowsing, Watching Movies, EmailBrowsing, Watching Movies, MS OfficeMultitasking, HD playbackLight Gaming, Photo Editing, Heavy Task, Everything that a core i3 doEverything that a core i5 do,Profession photo editing, Video editing, Heavy GamingHardcore Gaming, Heavy 3D Modelling & rendering, For Developer
Clock Speed1.3GHz – 1.6GHz1.1GHz-3.7GHz1.2GHz-3.7GHz1.9-4.0GHz1.9GHz- 4.0GHz2.40GHz – 4.0GHz2.40GHz-5.00GHz

AMD Processors –

A, FX, and Ryzen Series Processors.

AMD E2AMD A4 & A6AMD A9, A10 & A12Ryzen 3 R 5 AMD Ryzen 7Ryzen 9
Core22-4 core2-4 core2-4 core4-6 core6-8 core6-8 core
UsesBrowsing, Watching Movies, Social MediaBrowsing, Watching Movies, Email, Social media HD Streaming and multitaskingHD Streaming and multitasking, light gamingMultitasking, gaming and Content CreationHardcore Gaming and Content CreationHardcore Gaming, Heavy 3D Modelling & rendering, For Developer
Clock Speed1.8GHz – 2.8GHz1GHz – 2.0GHz2.4GHz – 3.0GHz2.0GHz- 3.2GHz2.0GHz – 3.2GHz2.2GHz – 3.2GHz3.5 GHz – 5.00GHz

3. RAM Required – Laptop Buying Guide

RAM (Random Access Memory) is used to open apps or files and store them in recent apps for quick access. Larger RAM Renders Good Multitasking abilities in laptops And also cache plays a key role in opening the apps and software, so try to choose more cache in your budget.

Try to choose the latest version of RAM Type DDR4 or new DDR5 Ignore DDR3 in 2023.

Light useMedium use
For Browsing websites, Watching Videos or Movies, or doing office WorkFor Gamer or video editor or running heavy software
4GB is enough for youchoose a minimum of 8GB RAM and you can choose up to 16GB also in your price range.

4. Storage Or ROM – Laptop Buying Guide

Storage is also a major thing to consider in a laptop, because everyone has something to store in a laptop like files, documents, software, videos, photos, and some large files like movies, etc.

More Storage Capacity Helps a laptop perform an action in the background seamlessly.

Commonly laptop storage has 3 types, they are HDD, SSD, and SSHD –


Hard disk drives offer huge storage sizes at a reasonable cost. The performance and speed of HDD are decent but are not as great as SSD drive.


Solid State Drive storage is less in amount, but speed is 10 times faster than HDD storage & it is 5 times costlier than HDD storage. SSD provides smooth booting and multitasking performance and is good for thin and light laptops.


SSHD means a combination of both SSD and HDD that offers maximum Capacity at an affordable price. This SSHD is an option for you to choose storage for both performance and more storage. Eg 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD in this you can use SSD for Window and Software Store for smooth booting and Loading and HDD for Store your Photo, Image and Games, etc

5. Graphics Cards – Laptop Buying Guide

Graphics cards are a must in computers & laptops for high-performance tasks like high end gaming, editing, running heavy software, etc

These graphics cards are majorly two types –

Most Laptops come with internal graphics, which are integrated with the processor, and then there are discrete graphics, used for graphically intensive functions like gaming and rendering. we will cover both of these-

Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics is a GPU built into the processor that is necessary to make your computer work. This integrated graphics is not as powerful as dedicated graphics cards. These integrated graphics are majorly seen in low-level laptops. Intel and AMD are 2 major companies providing Integrated graphics cards in the present market.

Dedicated Graphics

Dedicated Graphics card Cames Completely Separate From your Laptops/Computer CPU. Discrete Graphics cards are majorly useful for heavy performance tasks like gaming, video editing, etc. 

Discrete graphics cards also come with their own memory in the form of VRAM (video RAM, or video random access memory), which gives the dedicated GPU quick access to relevant image data. And the company mentions the size of the graphic card whether it is a 2GB or 4GB or 8GB dedicated graphics card.

Nvidia and AMD are 2 major companies providing Dedicated graphics cards in the present market. Read Our Article on Best RTX Laptops In 2023

6. Display & Size

Display and Size play a decider for all the movie freaks, gamers, and travel enthusiasts out there. OLED screen Displays better than real-life images. You must choose a minimum of  1080p or Full HD+ screen in 2023.

For Photo Editors and Video editors, We Recommend 100%Srgb Display in 2023.

Display size depends on your preferences, choose between 13 inches or 14 inches, or 15.6 inches.

7. Battery & Fast Charging – Laptop Buying Guide

The battery plays a key role in any electronic gadget. A bigger battery means more hours of usage. So try to choose a laptop with good battery backup and fast charging.

A minimum of 5 to 6 hours of battery backup is good on any laptop. And fast charging makes a big difference in your usage, because of the fast charging, the device can charge very quickly and you can use it for more time than normal.

8. Upgradability

Anyone who wants to buy a new laptop and is willing to use it for atleast 3 to 4 years. After couple of years, the RAM and storage in your laptop are going to be at their limits. And at that time if your laptop has dedicated slots for Extra RAM and Extra storage, then you can buy and use the extra RAM and storage for further 1 or 2 years. So try to choose extra slots for RAM and storage on your laptop.

9. Laptops Ports -Laptop Buying Guide

Ethernet port

An Ethernet port is used to connect the laptop to your local wifi network (LAN), it is also useful to us to get connected to the internet through wires.

Type-C port

The type-C port is also quite useful to us because in recent times almost every device has a Type-C port available. So this Type-C port is helpful for seamless connections, and faster data transfers, and can help you in transferring large files.


HDMI port is used to receive and transmit both video signals and audio signals from an array of source devices through to a number of display monitors.

10. Other Features – Laptop Buying Guide

There are some minor features also –

Fingerprint scanner –

Fingerprint scanners are mainly helpful for security purposes and also we can unlock the laptop very easily and quickly.

Backlit Keyboard –

The backlit keyboard can be very helpful for those who like to work in the dark. And it always provides a unique and cool look to the laptop.

Web camera –

Web cameras are mainly helpful for video Conference Calls. The Web camera can be very helpful for those who use the laptop for meetings or Class as well as professional work.

Conclusion –

I hope the laptop buying guide 2023 has helped you to find the best fit machine for yourself. If you consider all these things before buying a new laptop, then you will definitely get the best value-for-money laptop for your needs & purposes. If you still have any queries, then feel free to ask in Comment Section or Join Whatsapp Group.

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